On 13 January, 2017, we entered Colombia via its main southern border with Ecuador, filled with excitement and anticipation about what the country that so many other cyclists have said is their favourite in South America would have to offer. It would be more than four months before we left, having meandered our way across the Andes several times – chalking off 10,000km on the road in the process – and having tried to experience as much as we possibly could of what this incredible country had to offer.

From wonderful hospitality to the breathtaking and immensely diverse scenery, to the more literally breathtaking climbing, to the not-so-wonderful food and to the downright terrible coffee (who’d have thought?!), Colombia’s been a fascinating country to visit. And if I can bring myself to forgive its shocking culinary scene, it’s probably been my favourite country, too. A great way to end our epic journey through South America, I’m sure this won’t be the last time we visit.

Use the links below to read about the different sections of our ride in Colombia.

Part 1: The deep south: Las Lajas to San Agustin, via the ‘Trampoline of Death’

Part 2: (More) hills, hospitality and heatstroke: Riding the back roads from San Agustin to the Tatacoa Desert

Part 3: Taking on La Linea – from the Tatacoa Desert to Salento

Part 4: Coffee braking: Two Slow(ish) Weeks in Colombia’s Zona Cafetera

Part 5: Medellin

Part 6: Into the Heartland: A Ride Through Antioquia, Santander and Boyaca Provinces

Part 7: The Home Straight


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