More than two months after leaving the USA, and five months after entering, I’ve finally gotten around to writing about our time in this great country. Not that I’ve forgotten much – I can still recall very minor details about each of our 90 visa-free days – which tells you something about how much we enjoyed our time there. Anyway, without further ado, here’s how it all began…

On 29 April, after almost exactly a year on the road, we boarded Interjet flight 2931 from Bogota to Mexico City, from where we would connect to Tijuana and then cross over to San Diego, on our convoluted journey from Colombia to the United States. It didn’t have to be this way: most cyclists crossing between the continents come to/from Panama via boat, cycling the 3,000 mile distance through seven or so countries in central America. But unfortunately, tempting though that was, reality was calling: I had now four months or so before I had to return to work, and that wouldn’t get us all the way to the Canada – even if it weren’t mid-Winter when we would have arrived there – so we really couldn’t do it all.

The baking hot and wet Central American summer didn’t sound too appealing compared to the much milder and drier weather in America, and the prospect of speaking English to people on a daily basis also sounded appealing. There was also the possibility to use Warmshowers a lot more, and to freely camp pretty much wherever we liked, assuming we would stick West of the Rocky Mountains. But whatever the reasons, they were excellent ones, as America was without doubt our favourite country of the trip (yeah, I said that in nearly every blog post, but I can now finally say it with the benefit of hindsight!).

I did try to keep my write-up brief, but so much happened in these 90 days that I wanted to write down and remember, that it became quite long. So I’ve split it up by State. From the sunny beaches of Southern California to the northerly reaches of Montana, you can click on the images below to read about our awesome American adventure.



1. California and Arizona (Days 1 – 9)

2. Utah (Days 9 – 30)

3. Colorado (Days 30 – 62)

4. Wyoming (Days 62 – 77) (coming soon)

5. Idaho and Montana (Days 77 – 90) (coming soon)


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